Will you offer financing?

In addition to traditional financing options, we are planning on providing a unique financing program. We call it the “Have your gas savings make your payment” and it will work something like this:

You take delivery of your Elio and an Elio credit card. Then, you buy gas with your Elio Motors credit card. Let’s say you spend $20 on gas. You will see a charge of $60 on your credit card monthly statement. Of that $60, $20 goes to pay for the gas and the other $40 goes toward paying off your Elio. So, if you drive enough miles, you can pay off your Elio without feeling it in your pocket because you are already accustomed to paying $60 or more every time you fill up. There are still details to work out like credit worthiness, interest rates and minimums but the goal is for everyone to  be able to drive a brand-new vehicle, with full warranty for 3 years, 36,000 miles, and not feel it in your pocket!


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