Delivery: When will I receive my Elio?

The reservation system is set up to allow for vehicles to be delivered in the following order:  $1,000 All In, $500 All In, $250 All In, $100 All In then on to the $1000 Want In, $500 Want In, $250 Want In and finally the $100 Want In group.  The date and time your transaction was completed locks in your spot, which includes moving up to a higher level with and upgrade of your All In reservation.  It is difficult to forecast when a certain level will get their Elio.  The only one that we can “guesstimate” right now is the $1000 All in group because they know their spot in line.  If you were to make a $1000 All In reservation today we are estimating that you would receive a vehicle approximately 4 months after production starts.


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