Financial situation: What is the financial situation of Elio Motors?

Elio Motors has been blessed with some core investors who have great resources available to them.  One can just take a look at our board of investors to get a better understanding of the weight that is behind our mission.  From Stu Lichter, the CEO of Investor Resources Group (the #2 commercial real estate group in the nation), to Jim Holden, the former CEO of Chrysler, Ken Way, the former CEO of Lear Seating (the company that provides 40% of all vehicle seats in the world), to David Schembri, a former Mercedes Benz executive and first President of smartUSA, we recognize that we are quite fortunate!  Our management team in conjunction with our board of directors inspires a commensurate level of investment level expertise for moving forward.

Our overall strategy takes us well through year one of production and includes many pieces such that if one piece is not successful we have sufficient alternative pieces that are ready to fall into place.  Most significantly, our investors are just as excited as you about our project, and therefore they are determined to make sure that we are successful- something that is wonderful to have behind us.  As structured, we are extremely confident with our financial game plan, and we do recognize that this information will help you better understand who we are and how we are going to be successful where others have failed.  While we are providing you with a macro level view of our finances, please know that our investors themselves have the micro level details and that our financial statement is strong.


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