Making a Non-Refundable (I'M ALL IN) Reservation

This is the most popular choice for reservations. At this level you will:
- Be given as a bonus, 25% of your reservation amount off your final purchase, up to an additional $250.
- Join the highest priority list of reservation holders.
- Receive the limited edition Elio T-shirt and bumper sticker.


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    Dear Elio Motors,

    I'm Dao Thi Van. Address: 12, street 533, Canh Ly zone, Nhuan Duc ward, Cu Chi district, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. email: home phone: +84-837-931-579. cell phone: +84-989-596-777
    I want to order Non-Refundable reservation $500
    Please tell me how I can do this with your company. By what way from my Vietnam country?


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