Financing: Can I finance my Elio?

Financing is an extremely exciting area for us.  In addition to normal financing options that are available every time you buy a car, Elio provides a unique program we are working on that only works with the Elio. We call it the “Have your gas savings make your payment” and that will work something like this:

You take delivery of your Elio and a Elio credit card. Then, you buy gas and let’s say it costs $20. You will see a charge of $60 on your credit card monthly statement. Of that $60, $20 goes to pay for the gas and the other $40 goes toward your Elio. So, if you drive enough miles, you can pay off your Elio without feeling it in your pocket because you are already accustomed to paying $60 or more every time you fill up. Interest rates and minimums are yet to be determined but you will be able to drive a brand new vehicle, with full warranty for 3 years, 36,000 miles, and not feel it in your pocket! Stay tuned for the details as we near production.


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